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Query from: koushik.medum, hyderabad, india, 10/16/09
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: Sri Kedareshwara Swami Vratham - telugu nomulu

the telugu nomulu

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Please see these links for Sri Kedareswara Vratam in telugu





Please see these links for audio of Sri Kedareswara Vratam



You can also find Sri Kedareswara Vratam in the book 6 Vratalu published by Gollapudi Veera Swamy Sons Rajahmundry.

(You can get 6 Vratalu Puja book in Book Shops selling Puja books, Puja articles etc.)

Address :

Gollapudi Veera Swamy Sons

Sri SitaRama Book Depo


Rajahmundry 533101

Phone No : 2465253

Kedara Vratam :

Kedara Vratam is observed on the day of Aswayuja Amavasya

Legend or Myth Behind Kedara Gauri Puja :

Once, Pramatha gana (spiritual coterie) of Lord Shiva did the pradakshina (spiritual circumambualtion) for Shiva without including Goddess Gowri (Parvati). Lord Shiva explains to her that they have nothing to obtain from you, because of that they do not do the pradakshina. Goddess Parvati leaves the place with reddish eyes to the forest. Goddess Gowri (Goddess Parvati) wanted to state her importance. She asks the sage Gautama a better path to obtain Lord Shiva’s half body. He told her to observe Kedareshwar Vrita. She performed Kedara Puja to obtain half body of Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati performed Kedareshwar puja with utmost devotion and blessed with the half body of Lord Shiva and became ‘Ardha Narishwara’.

Rituals and Customs of Kedareshwara Vrata :

On the day of Kedareshwara Vrata, same as other vratas and pujas some austerities like fast or semi-fast on fruits or milk are observed.

Kedareshwara Vrata Puja is performed with installing Kalasha in a sanctified place and performed the puja reciting the mantras praising Lord Shiva. Naivadya (food offerings) is offered to Lord Shiva. After the puja is done, theerth and prasad are distributed to devotees or to the poor.

Glory of Kedareshwara Vrata :

Glory of Kedareshwara Vrata is mentioned in many Hindu sacred texts. As Goddess Parvati observed the puja in utmost devotion and got half body of Lord Shiva. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu blessed with Vaikunta Loka observing Kedara Vrata. Lord Brahma got Hamsa Vehicle (Swan Vahicle). Bhagyawati and Punyavati got a lot of wealth observing Kedara Vrata.

Puja Vidhanam

Install Lord kedhArIshvara svAmi in a filled pot (kalasham). Make a roof (manTapa) above the kalasham. Make vrata threads - 21 fibers having 21 knots. The 16 courtesy worship has to be done for 21 days starting from the purattAchi shukla paxa dasami to aipachi amarapaxa chaturdashi (dIpAvaLi) or amAvAsya. On the culmination day (21st) in a clean decorated area devotionally install the kalasham over the grains spread in a banana leaf and offer various food and fruits to the Lord as offering and donate to others.


The glory of this vratam is very splendid as shri gauri devi observed this vratam in full devotion and got to be in half the body of Lord Shiva !! viShNu became Lord of vaikunta observing this vratam. braHma got hamsa vehicle, the guards of the eight directions got rid of the bane they got from braHma, bhagyavati and puNyavati got lots of wealth all due to the glory of this vratam. One who observes this vratam with devotion pleases Lord shiva.

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