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Query from: n k k naidu, Hyderabad, India, 10/20/08
Topic: GOVERNMENT      Submitted on: APOnline
Subject: the number of Villages and Mandals in Karimnagar District

please let me know the number of mandels and number of villages in Karimnagar district.

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Response from: jinka jul,   
Registered Member on
Source: http://padmanayakavelama.googlepage…
There are 45 Mandals and 55 Villages in karimnagar district

Karimnagar District

(Name of Village, Taluq / Mandal name)

Chinnametpally ( Miriyala family, held Deshmuk title few generations back ) Cheerlavancha, Sirsilla Mandal Marupaka, Vemulawada Mandal Korem, Boinpally Mandal Molangoor, Karimnagar Porumalla, Medipally Irukulla, Karimnagar Lingannapet, Gambiraopet Kollamaddi, Gambirraopet Kodurupaka, Boinapalli Sirigadha, Gambirraopet Desaipet, Gambirraopet Pothugal, Pothuganti Pothgal, Mustabad ( Chintapally ) Yadaram Namapur, Mustabad Narmala, Gambiraopet Anthergam, Ramagundam Anupuram, Vemulavada Gudem, Mustabad Sankeepalli, Vemulavada Terlumaddi, Mustabad Chintalathana, Vemulavada Metpalli, Metpalli Mandal ( Cheeti ) Madhapur, Korutla Mandal Yakeenpur, Korutla Mandal Ambaripet, Kathlapur Mandal Jagtial, Jagityal Mandal Beerpoor, Sarangapoor Mandal Suraram, Elukaturthy mandal, Huzurabad Tq ( Thakkallapally ) Gopalapuram, Huzurabad Tq ( Thakkallapelly ) GattuNarsingapuram, Huzurabad Tq ( Bolneni ) Kolanoor,Konaraopet Mandal Thimmapur, Sirsilla Mandal Nagunoor, Sarangapoor Mandal Akkannapet, Huzurabad Taluq ( Takkallapelli ) Pandilla Lingapur ( Polsani ) Sultanpur ( Thaniparthi ) Govindaram ( Bejjanki ) Sirasapalli ( Kallepu ) Lothunoor ( Kadari ) Vediri, Ramadugu Mandal ( Menneni ) Mallapur, Mallapur ( Gone ) Yampur, Ibrahimpatnam ( Kalvakuntla ) Mankmmathota ( Kalvakuntla ) Muthyampet, Mandal - Malial ( Kasuganti ) Nachupally, Mandal - Malial ( Punugoti ) Ogulapuram ( Regulapati ) Koratla ( Annamaneni, Lingala ) Thandriyal, Kathlapur Mandal ( Rachamadugu ) Abbapuram, Gollapalli Mandal ( Puskur ) Govardhangiri, Husnabad ( Peechara ) Thornala ( Peechara ) Varadhavelli ( Peechara ) Mutharam, Manthani ( Nagineni ) Narsingapoor, Chendhurthy Mandal ( Juvvadi ) Nerella, Sirsilla Mandal ( Thudi ) Mahadevpur ( Vura ) Bopparam, Kataram Mandal ( Vura ) Rampalli, Peddapalli Mandal ( Kanaparthy ) Chowthapally ( Muthineni ) Yamapur ( Kalvakuntla ) Durshed ( Menneni ) Sirikonda, Mohanraopet, Korutla, Mettupally ( Lingala ) Lingapoor, Manakondoor ( Polsani ) Beerpoor ( Muppala ) Bommana, Gudur ( Bommena ) Kancharla ( Bommena ) Narmala ( about 30 families with surname Puram ) Desaipet ( Gunuganti )

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Response from: Sam Kum,   
Registered Member on
There are total 57 mandals in Karimnagar. Here is the info on villages… (citation needed)

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Response from: muktavarapu radhika,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
There are 45 mandals,and 55 villages in karimnagar districts.

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Response from: Ashok Vundavalli,   
Council Member on APOnline
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
there are a total of 35 mandals and 55 Villages in Karimnagar district. This infor mation come form government of andrapradesh official web site.

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