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Query from: Sudhakar Rao Yerdoor, INDIA, 08/25/08
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: Kuja-Rahu Sandhi & its remedies

Please let me know more about Kuja-Rahu sandhi snd its effect. Also please let me know the remedies available.

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Response from: Ganesan Srinivasan,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: Rahu & Ketu in Bhrigu Astrology by Dr.N.Srinivasan Shastry
People having Rahu and Kuja together will have a magnetism of attracting the fair sex towards them. They will have a lot of desires and passions. They could have problems with their blood. One of their co-borns could get into problems or get lost in childhood. The native could be prone to accidents. Problems in landed properties is a possibility. Females having the combination can have lot of problems - the husband could stay away from the family and/or could be diseased - problems getting married and problems in conceiving are also likely.

This combination indicates the curse of a brother in the past life. The native could have a mad drive for doing illegal deeds. This curse can be eradicated by giving cows in charity, planting a peepal sapling, giving a piece of land with a mango tree in the land in charity.

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