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Query from: ramadevi, india, 02/10/11
Topic: POOJA      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: rukmini kalyanam in telugu pdf...

rukmini kalyanam in telugu pdf

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Dear Ramadevi,

A similar query was posted on Ammas previously. The answers given them by Advisors Geetha Gopakumar and Mrs.Sai Sai provide links to quite a few sites to download this document in PDF format.


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You can get Rukmini Kalyanam Puja book from Mohan Publications or Gollapudi Veeraaswamy son Rajahmundry. You can buy the book and chant the Slokas for 40 days.

Mohan Publications opp Ajanta Hotel

Kotagummam Rajahmundry 533101 AP

0883 - 2462565

Gollapudi Veeraaswamy son Publishers and Book Sellers

Kotagummam, Rajhamundry - 533101 (A.P)

Phone : 0883-2465253

You can listen to

Rukmini kalyanam-1

Rukmini kalyanam-1

Rukmini kaalyanam puja-1

Rukmini kaalyanam puja-2

in this website


You can get the audio of Rukmini kalyanam from http://www.avkf.org/BookLink/displa…

You can also get Rukmini Kalyanam book in Telugu from


You can also see


Procedure of reading Rukmini Kalyanam book :

You have to study all of the Rukmini Kalyanam slokas/padyas completely, (if possible with Prose translation and other simple puja like dhoop, deep and naived to Godess Sri Lakshmi) daily for 40 days respectively.

Meaning and Translation of Rukmini Patra :

Rukmini devi pathra :

Rukmini devi pathra also known as Rukmini sandesam is in Shrimad Bhagawatham - dashama skandam - 52nd adyayam - shloka -37-43.

There is a belief that an unmarried girl reciting this would get married with a good God loving man. Don't worry about pronounciation.

Shrimad Bhagawatham specifically sanctions anyone reciting the grantha with sincerety.

It has been clearly mentioned in Shrimad Bhagawatham, "Yasmin prathishlokam abhadhyavatyapi".

Meaning even if a soul recites Shrimad Bhagawatham by mispronouncing every shloka, god takes it kindly and bless his devotee.

Vyakyaanams have been written for these 7 shlokas for hundreds of pages.

Shloka composer is swayam jaganmatha.

She is sending the sandesha to Jagadeesha.

I am narrating only two vishayaa in the shlokaas.

"Shruthvaa gunaan Bhuvana sundara shrunvathaanthe"

Rukmini says, hey! the most beautiful Lord, I have heard about your anantha kalyaana gunaas. This is explained as the first step in bhakthi. Katha shravanam. To hear the leelas of Bhagawan. One gets Bhagawath ruchi on hearing the leelas of Bhagawan. That ultimately blesses him to reach his abode.

"kaale nrusimha naraloka manobhiramam"

Rukmini devi requests Shri Krishnaa to come as quickly as lord Nrusimhaa appeared for bhaktha prahlaada.

I am telling this is in the context of the belief, that unmarried girls reciting these shlokaas would get their marriage quite quickly. Like Lord Krishnaa came quickly to take Rukminidevi with him, the divine couple bless the reciting unmarried girl for a quick vivaahaa.

Recite the seven sholkaas forth with. Dont bother about pronounciation.

With prayers to Radha Krishna to fulfill the wishes of their devotees.


You can also see



Top experts' rating:   Rate = 2 (1 rating)
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