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Query from: ABA, US, 03/01/03
Topic: SPIRITUALITY      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Hi ammas,

I want to learn the gayatri mantras for all the gods(which goes like ekdanataya vidmahe vakrathundaya deemahi tannodanti prachodayat). Can u suggest anysite for that. And I would also like to learn the sloka that poojaris chant which goes like aahathanavan bhavati. Please suggest me some sites where i can get both of these. Thanking u in advance.

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Response from: Saraswathi Thiagarajan,   
Registered Member on Ammas.com
dear ABA, here are a few gayatri mantras

VINAYAGAR OM GAM GANAPATHYEH NAMAHA. Om Tatpurshaaya Withmahe Vakrathundayaa Thimahi Tanno Thantip Prasothayaath

MURUGAN OM KUMARAYA NAMAHA. Om Tatpurshaaya Withmahe Maha Senaya Thimahi Tanno Shanmuga Prasothayaath

SHIVAN OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Om Tatpurshaaya Withmahe Maha Thevaaya Thimahi Tanno Ruttra Prasothayaath

SHAKTI OM SHAKTI. Om Kaarthiyaaya Naaya Withmahe Kanya Kumarisa Thimahi Tanno Thurka Prasothayaath

VISHNU OM NAMO NAARAAYANAAYA. Om Naaraayanaaya Withmahe Vaasu Thevaaya Thimahi Tanno Vishnu Prasothayaath

MUNEESWARAN OM MUNEESWARAAYA NAMAHA. Om Bulandavayaa Withmahe Sula Hastayaa Thimahi Tanno Muneeswaran Prasothayaath

HANUMAN OM ANJENEAYAR NAMAHA Om Anjeneayar Withmahe Vaayu Puttraaya Thimahi Tanno Hanumanth Prasothayaath

SURIYA BAGHAVAN OM SURIYAA NAMAHA. Om Buur BuvaaSuva ThatSavithurvarenyam Barkkoh Thevasya Thimahi Thiyoh Yoh Naah Prasothayaath

MAHALAKSHMI OM LAKSHMINARAAYAANA MOORTHI NAMO NAMAHA. Om Maha Lakshmi Withmahe Vishnu Patthinyai Thimahi Tanno Lakshmi Prasothayaath

SARASWATHY OM AIM SARASWATHYEH NAMAHA. Om Saraswateye Withmahe Brahmaputriye Thimahi Tanno Saraswati Prasothayaath

DEVI KARUMARIAMMAN OM PARASHAKTIYEH NAMAHA Seethalayai Cha Withmahe Surpa Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Maree Prasothayaath

AYYAPPAN OM SRI AYYAPPAN SWAMIYEH NAMAHA Boodha Naathaya Withmahe Bavothraaya Thimahi Tanno Sastha Prasothayaath

BALAJI OM NAMO VENKATESAYAA NAMAHA Niranjanaaya Withmahe Niraadharaaya Thimahi Tanno Srinivasa Prasothayaath

RAMA OM SRI RAMACHANDRA PARABRAMHANE NAMAHA Dhasaradhaaya Withmahe Setha Vallabaaya Thimahi Tanno Raama Prasothayaath

KRISHNA OM KRISHNAAYAA NAMAHA Govindaaya Withmahe GopiJana Vallabaaya Thimahi Tanno Krishna Prasothayaath

KALIAMMAN OM HREEM SREEM MAHA DURGA MAHA KALIYEH NAMAHA Om Maha Kali Vidmahe Smashna Vasinyeh Theemahi Tanno Kali Prajothayaathi

GURU OM SATGURUVE NAMAHA Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Thevo Maheswarahaa Guru Sashaath Parabrahma Tasmai Sri Guruveh Namaha

SURYA BAGHAVAN OM SURYAAYA NAMAHA Om Aswath Wajaaya Withmahe Paasa Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Suuriya Prasothayaath

BUTHA BHAGAVAN OM BUTHAYAAYA NAMAHA Om Kajath Wajaaya Withmahe Suha Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Butha Prasothayaath

CHANDIRAN BAGHAVAN OM SOMAYA NAMAH Om Patmath Wajaaya Withmahe Hema Rubaaya Thimahi Tanno Soma Prasothayaath

CHEVAI BAGHAVAN OM ANGGAARAKAAYA NAMAHA Om Veerath Wajaaya Withmahe Vikna Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Aaggaaraga Prasothayaath

GURU BAGHAVAN OM GURUVE NAMAHA Om Virushbath Wajaaya Withmahe Ikruni Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Guru Prasothayaath

KETHU BAGHAVAN OM KETHAVE NAMAHA Om Aswath Wajaaya Withmahe Suha Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Kethu Prasothayaath

RAHU BAGHAVAN OM RAAGAVE NAMAHA Om Naagath Wajaaya Withmahe Patma Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Raagu Prasothayaath

SANISWARAN BAGHAVAN OM SHANAISHCHARAAYA NAMAHA Om Kaagath Wajaaya Withmahe Katka Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Mantha Prasothayaath

SUKRAN BAGHAVAN OM SUKRAAYA NAMAHA Om Aswath Wajaaya Withmahe thannur Hastaaya Thimahi Tanno Sukkara Prasothayaath from http://www.geocities.com/sivatrisoo…

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Response from: Ti Ti,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Hi, Here is a site where you can find all Gods gayatri and its meaning. Good luck. http://mailerindia.com/slokas/mantr…

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