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Query from: Agnes, MD, 07/12/05
Topic: HOUSEHOLD      Submitted on:
How do you get lizards out of your house. I need to get rid of them. Can I kill them?

Need to Know ASAP

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Response from: vrindha nair,   
Council Member on
Hi, You cannot get rid of lizards but for sometime they will not come if you use the spray of the cockroach etc.Now killing is bad is it not? they are creepy but try sending them out of the house by dusting not killing please. Buy a spud pistol and shoot them. This is the best way. I am going to do this myself. Shooting at them annoys them and this puts them off. Continuous sniping at them for many years leads them to learn to stay away. But lizards being slow learners, this may take time. If any one knows a better and faster method, please let me know. [i got this from this site:…]

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Response from: Suchitra Menon,   
Registered Member on… Ways to keep them away

Paste scotchtape (at least 1.2 inches wide) around places where lizards would usually enter or linger, e.g. through windows, door gaps, vents and rubbish chutes. The tape acts as a "fortress" or "border". Leave a substantial portion of the tape exposed and position the sticky side on the reverse direction of the would-be approaching lizard so that the lizard need not get stuck onto the tape too soon, instead when the creature reaches the non-sticky side, it should not force itself to "climb over" the tape. Be prepared that flying insects or other tiny creatures may get themselves stuck.

Alternatively, surround with strips (at least 1.2 inches wide) of fine mesh with sharp edges. Secure the mesh onto the wall. The sharp edges should deter any advance over the mesh shield.

There are non-toxic repellents available to spray or paint onto the wall or ceiling to make the surface too slippery for the lizard's feet.

Sticky pads/boards (with baits) are able to trap them.

Shoo them out of your premises with a broom.

Do not place furniture too near the wall. Leave a gap. Do not hang pictures or big mirrors. The idea here is to create less isolated hideouts for them.

Select furniture either with no legs or with very high legs, i.e. high enough for the human eye to spot anything lying beneath that piece of furniture.

Display fewer items on the kitchen top. Make the kitchen are less 'foodfull'.

Egg shells may drive them away. Maybe because of the pointed edges?

Shield windows or doorways with a mesh screen or mosquito net. The holes must be compact to deter entry.

A type of white chalk targeted at cockroaches and ants seems to work well against lizards. Will not stain the surface and can wipe off easily. Draw unbroken lines. Re-application is necessary after 15 days or when chalk markings turn faint.…

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Response from: Gaz ,   
Council Member on
You can kill by hitting them with a broom although be warned that when attacked especially at their tail end lizards have a mechanism to shed their tails which allows them to escape and the tail later regrows. This can make killing them a not particularly pleasant experience.

Alternatively if you tap the broom near them you can get them to move in the direction you want them to and move them out of your house.

They are not particularly harmful animals as long as they do not directly come into contact with things that you eat and if you live in an area where there are lots of them then getting rid of them might not be as easy as you think.

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Response from: KK RY,   
Registered Member on
1). Place egg shells around the areas. Lizards hate them!

2). Use the sticky pads that are used to catch mice. Lay them next to the wall or crevice. Once they walk on them, they're stuck until you dispose of them. It works pretty well.

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