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Query from: tina, india, 12/21/08
Topic: REAL ESTATE      Submitted on:
Subject: I need Encumberance Certificate. How & where to obtain

survey no:397&398,shreedevi nagar 2,plot no:42,north 25ft road, south plot no:40&41, east 30ft road, west no:43,rampally village,keesara mandal.

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Response from: Uma Maheswara Rao Maradani,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
If you want to have your encumbrance certificate online, open website…, pull down 'citizen service' button, select encumbrance and then select search. A new page will open showing terms of agreement in which you have to click on 'yes' next to 'I agree'. Now a new page comprising a form will open in which you will provide all the information required including SRO and extent of the plot in sq.yds / Acres (you have not given these details in your query. To find SRO, pull down 'Citizen Servie' button on the home page, select 'find SRO' select 'Rangareddy District' and type 'Ram'. Select the appropriate village in the listings to find SRO) After furnishing all the required fields, click on submit and wait for the result page to open. On the left pane of the result page you can view the results. If your search matches any document it will be displayed which you will have to check and 'submit' for the EC open for saving or printing. If the search criteria doesn't match any records you may have to star over or cancel.

To obtain a certified and stamped hard copy of an encumbrance certificate, you will have to go to the concerned sub-registrar office (SRO), fill up an application, remit a fee (may be about Rs.100/-) and get a verified, signed and stamped certificate from the office.

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Response from: Ashok Vundavalli,   
Council Member on APOnline
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
YOu need to go to the registrar office and aply for the EC with the details of the property on which you want the EC. There will be a fee which you need to pay and you can get the EC on the same day.

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