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Query from: sthira buddhi, India, 11/10/06
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: Appropriate remedy from Raamaayana for Bhuda dasa sukhra bhukti

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I have heard that there are certain chapters in Vaalmiiki Raamaayana to be chanted for specific remedies based on current dasa-bhukti. I am currently running mercury dasa-venus bhukti; Mercury is in the 7th house in my natal horoscope; Ascendant is Aries; Venus is debilitated in the 6th house in Virgo (there is exchange of houses between Venus and Mercury); Mars is in 3rd house in Gemini; Saturn in 4th house in cancer; Sun, Mercury, and Rahu in 7th in Libra; Moon in 11th house in Aquarius; Jupiter in own house in Pisces.

I will be most thankful if any expert here in this forum can throw a light on this recital. Kindly also give me detailed tips like what offering is to be given, etc.

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Response from: Pandit R DAKSHINA MOORTHI,   
Council Member on
Dear Member:

Mercury is one of the malefics for your ascendant (Aries). You are under Mercury dasa - Venus Bhukti. Venus is debilitated in the 6th house; however, it has got its debilitation cancelled due to placement of Mercury in the 7th house from the ascendant. So, this period of Mercury- Venus is likely to bestow you with the good effects of "Neecha bhanga raaja yoga." This is likely to be experienced with respect to your marital bhavaa and wealth mainly. YOu could have given your date of birth details accurately for us to analyze in more minute details. However, even from the rasi chart details you have given the above points could be delineated.

Now, coming to the Raamaayana recitals for dasa-bhukti to improve the good effects and to overcome malefic effects, UMA SAMHITA of Vaayu Puraanam recommends certain chapters in Shrimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayana as remedies for dasa-bhuktis....For Mercury dasa- Venus Bhukti the following is the recommended course of recital:

Throughout Mercury dasa you must chant 35th Sargam of Shrimad Sundara Kaandam pertaining to Lord Hanumaan's description about Shri Raamaa in Devi Sitaa's presence. The offering for this chapter is: dried grapes before the recital, and at the end of the recital you have to offer rice mixed with daal.

for the Venus Bhukti in Mercury dasa, the relevant chapter is Sargams 9 and 10 of Aaranya Kaandam of Srimad Vaalmiiki Raamaayana describing the conversation between Shri Raamaa and Sitaa maataa. The offerings are dried grapes before the recital of the chapters and sugar candy at the end of the recital.

These can be done continuously for 48 days as a remedy for Mercury Dasa-Venus Bhukti period. If this is not possible, then you can chant the relevant chapters throughout the Venus bhukti period on Wednesdays and Fridays. Absolute devotion is necessary while chanting these. You should offer a seat for Lord Hanuman and perform shri Raama Pooja before beginning the recitals.

The importance of these recitals is this.....this recital during the relevant dasa-bhuktis not only remove the afflictions associated with the relevant dasa-bhuktis, but they remove the other transit influences or karmic influences that may bother you in this time period also automatically. Actually, you are under very adverse transit influences with all the four major planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Nodes in tough transit for you currently. A person who does these remedies with complete devotion needs no other remedial performance. So, you have asked your query at just the right time!

By Lord Raamaa's Grace let your Vipareetha Raaja Yogam help you to settle down well in life turning your very obstacles and troubles into opportunities for your success.

You may also visit this link…

for reading about some other important chapters that can aid in accomplishment of our goals in life and in removal of our worldly troubles.

Blessed be.

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Response from: Ajay Kukreja,   
Council Member on
Dear Sthira buddhi,

Reading of Raamaayana is always good and it will give very good results.

You also have to do some remedies for Mercury and Venus as this exchange is not good for health.

You should feed green color leaves to cows on Wednesdays.

Offer white color sweets to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you.

With kind regards

Ajay Kukreja Astrologer

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Response from: alpesh kolte,   
Council Member on
dear chant the mantra for venus its om shu shukrai namah, n for budh chant om bu budhai namah . the best way to pray is to offer jal n ,ilk to the shiva lingam in the morning everyday to eradicate all adversities of ur life cos in ur horoscope mangal is the ascendant lord which is in the third house that means its out of the centre n kagnesh it\f its out of centre makes the horoscope weaker so just now only u have to do is to pray lord shiva it will be better cos lord shiva has the power to bestow all kinds of blessings to the person even good or evil if he gets happy by the worshiper so its better to pray lord shiva in this case. morever ur mercury n sun r with rahu n also shani is in the 4th house as u said in cancer so its better to pray lord shiva cos ur shani is also in the enemies house of cancer which affects ur family bliss n rahu n ketu confirm a grahan to the sun soo in this case also u have to pray lord shiva who can change ur horoscope if u win his favour through proper pooja sop do not worry pray the lord shiva by offering milk n jal every morning , n magal aspects the 9th house from ur third house direct drasti is on the 9th house of dharma n luck in this aspect also it signifies that u can get success in the prayers of shiva mahadev cos mangals position in the third house aspecting ur 9th house means u will get success in the pooja of lord shiva very soon so try this remedy pray lord shiva everyday n if possible wear a 5mukhi rudraksha mala which is available very easily so wear rudraksha mala n also chant the mantra SHIVA PANCHAKSHAR MANTRA OF OM NAMAH SHIVAY


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Response from: Ravindra nath,   
Council Member on
In the Valmiki Ramayana, SUNDARA KANDAM is being given more importance than other Kandams, because it ends with prosperity and happiness to all in the Ayodhya and in the earth. Therefore reciting of slogams from Sundara Kandam will give more happiness and prosperity to persons who rercite them. In your horoscope Mercury is the owner of the house No.6. For ARIES ascendant planet for the house No. 2 and 7 are considered as Maraga planets. Therefore, debilitation of Venus in the chart is good for you to certain extent. For Mercury (Budhan) Lord Mahavishnu is the "adhidevadha" (primery god) and for Venus (sukran) Shri Mahalakshmi is the "adhidevadha".Therefore, it si a must that both should be prayed during this period. Reciting slogams from Sundara Kandam will be the best remedy to you. For Mercury you should recite chapter 35 (Sargam 35) of the Sundara Kandam. For Venus you should recite chapter 36 (sargam 36) of the Sundara Kandam. Recite these 3 times a day with some offerings like fruits etc. This will give you more prosperity and peace of mind.

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Response from: Ganapathy Subramanian Sreedharan,   
Registered Member on
Hi, What ever be the dasa-bukthi Chanting Ramayan will drive out all negative energies. Praying to hanuman ( Living God) daily for 5 Mins will alleviate U. Reciting sundarakandam will bring you Good News. Play Ram bhajans, recite Ramanama and invite Lord Hanuman to Ur Place. Thanks, Sreedharan

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Response from: Gaurav Ghosh,   
Council Member on
i'd suggest u to perform a devi pujan/reciting Devi Mahatmyam & recite vishnu sahasranaam if possible..

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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
see the links below:……

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