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Query from: Anand V, India, 04/11/06
Topic: ASTROLOGY      Submitted on:
Subject: Dharma karma adhipati raja yoga

Please describe the benefits of having these yogas in a natives chart.

Dharma karma adhipati raja yoga anabha yoga pasha yoga Nipuna yoga vasi yoga Raja yoga amala yoga

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Response from: Raveendranath Menon,   
Featured Member on
Dear Anand,

Yogas in a horoscope no doubt add to the strength and power of the chart. However it is not the final word. Inspite of having all the mahayogas if one is devoid of any one of the dasa of yoga giving planet may considerably reduce the effect. However the subject may get the benifit during the sub periods.hence a complete analysis of the chart is well recommended.

Regarding the yogas

The dharma karma adhipathi gives excellent career in life. It adds to the leadership qualities and fortunes of past good karmas. ahould you do hard work and not well paid the balance karma carries over to the next birth and comes as a wind fall. Note actually there is no real wind fall it is your own karma materialised.

Anabha yoga indicates comforts, good luck, and character. let us see it practically. the yoga is formed when a planet other than sun in 12th from moon . this is a lunar yoga and indicates results of mental plain. the person would be wise in spending or better spending . however in my opinion you cannot generalise the anapha and sunapha since the yoga formed by benific and malefic planets cannot give the same results.

pasa yoga is termed as bad as one may end up in jail. do not go literary. it curtails the freedom at some point of time. some of the jobs of modern days can be cited as an example. nipuna represents skill, intricate intelligence, analytical etc. example -Arjuna the great warrior excelled in dhanur vidya. Vasi again a solar yoga planet other than moon in 12th . focus on charity and learning. Any type of Raja yoga gives leadership skill and authourity . there are umpteen numbers of Rajayogas. Amala as the name repersents fame and popularity.

You are blessed. However make the strong points work better for you by hard work and determination not only materially but also spiritually. Do not count on past karma results. they are your inherited property, we are respected for present earnings so work hard and add to it.

May god bless you !!

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