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Query from: amit, India, 05/26/08
Topic: HIGHER EDUCATION      Submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject: how is UDCT, Mumbai for Mpharm courses

is udct better than bombay school of pharmacy...

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on Ammas.com
Source: http://www.indiaeducation.ernet.in…
University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) conducts Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences-M.Pharm.Sc. (Partly by papers and partly by thesis) Special Subjects : (i) Medicinal Natural Products and (ii) Pharmaceutical Chemistry ADMISSION HIGHLIGHTS

Admissions to the UDCT are made on merit which is decided on the basis of class and marks secured by candidates at the qualifying examination. Canvassing of any sort will be a disqualification. No age limit is prescribed for admission to the UDCT.

A candidate who fails to accept the offer of admission made by the UDCT to any of the courses forfeits his/her claim for admission in that year. Acceptance of the offer means payment of the prescribed fees and deposit by the specified date. The UDCT does not enter into any correspondence with candidates in the matter of admission, except when deemed appropriate. Candidates selected for admission are informed accordingly sufficiently in advance. Commencement of New Session for the academic year 2001-2002 will be on 9th July, 2001.

The candidate should ask for the correct admission form required for admission to the particular specific course, viz. B.Chem. Eng. , B.Pharm. Sc., B.Tech, M.Chem. Eng., M.Pharm.Sc, M.Sc.(Tech.), M.E.(Plastics Eng.), Ph.D.(Technology), M.Sc. and Ph.D.(Science). The form has a tear-off receipt attached at the bottom end. For each course of M. Sc. (Tech.) / M. Chem. Engg. separate application form has to be submitted. The receipt should be filled in by the candidate and signed by the concerned clerk accepting it. This receipt should be preserved for future correspondence. If a candidate leaves the course after taking admission, he/she should hand over the Identity Card to the office without fail. Every year a new identity card must be obtained on payment of necessary fees. The certificate of mark: issued by the University/Board at the end of the qualifying examination is usually tile basis for the purpose of admission. Marks in the languages are not taken into account. Candidates are therefore required to state in the respective column of the application form only the total of science subjects. They are also required to send with the form certified copies of the statements of marks secured by them at all the University/Board examinations passed by them.

All the relevant columns in the application form must be completed in legible hand or be typewritten.

The UDCT does not enter into correspondence with any candidate for obtaining copies of mark-sheet, etc. in connection with his/her admission and forms of application which are received incomplete. However, in the case of a candidate whose result of the final qualifying examination is not declared before the last date notified for receipt of applications, he/she should send the application by due date and communicate the result of the examination, when declared, by telegram followed by a certified copy of the mark sheet, giving full details of the marks secured by him/ her at the examination subject-wise out of the total marks and the class obtained by him/her at the examination. Applications of such candidates are considered only for seats which fall vacant and are filled subsequently. The application form bears a number which must be stated in the correspondence. The GATE score should be written in the application form by candidates seeking admission to M.Chem.Eng./ M.Sc.(Tech.)/ M.Pharm.Sc./ M.E. (Plastics). There are 64 UGC fellowships tenable for 18 months. Holding of the valid Gate score does not entitile an applicant for admission.

The last date for receiving applications for Ph.D.(Tech) with U.G.C. Research Fellowship (JRF/SRF) will be announced each year through advertisement. Persons who have submitted the thesis for M.Chem.Eng./ M.Sc.(Tech.)/ M.Pharm.Sc./ M.E.(Plastic Engineering) or equivalent are eligible to apply.


(only applicable to candidates who are offered a seat)


A student of the University of Mumbai is required to submit within a month Certificate from the commencement of the term a "Transference " from the Principal of the College last attended by him/her. Application may be made through this Department. PROVISIONAL STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY

No student from another University can be admitted to any of the above mentioned courses without the production of a "Provisional Statement of Eligibility" from this University and the offer of admission is conditional upon its production. An application for a provisional statement of eligibility needs be made only when a student is informed that he is allotted a seat in the Department. However, candidates should keep all the requisite documents, such as statement of marks, passing certificate, migration certificate, etc., ready for obtaining the provisional statement of eligibility from this University. Information regarding equivalence of examinations should be obtained from the Dy. Registrar, Eligibility Section, University of Mumbai, Vidynagari, Mumbai-400 098.

Important Instructions

The University does not recognize foreign examinations on a regular basis, but application of persons desirous of seeking admission to this University on the basis of qualifications obtained in foreign countries are considered for admission to this University on merits of each individual case. For this purpose passing certificates, transcripts of record and copy of the syllabus containing the details of the courses of studies persued in the various subjects at the examination passed by the applicant's (duly countersigned by the High Commissioner of India in the country or the officer authorized by him) and standard of passing laid down at the examination should be forwarded to this office well in advance. In case the certificates or transcripts are in a language other than English, an English translation of the same, duly certified by a competent authority, should be sent. The candidate should enclose all the permission stipulated by various Government & Departments.


The students admitted after passing the XII standard (Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination) are required to submit to the University of Mumbai the enrollment form duly Filled in along with the copy of marks certificate with the prescribed fee of Rs. 150/- at the time of admission. The enrollment form can be had from the office of the UDCT.

Relevant Ordinance 114

Students passing the Secondary School Certificate Examination and the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur Divisional Boards and eligible for admission to the different courses of studies shall apply to the Registrar of this University for Enrollment in the prescribed application form and shall at the same time pay a Fee of Rs. 170/- (Rupees fifty only) or necessary fee for the purpose. .

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Response from: arun kumar,   
Council Member on AnswerPod
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
A candidate who fails to accept the offer of admission made by the UDCT to any of the courses forfeits his/her claim for admission in that year. ... www.indiaeducation.ernet.in/insitut…

COURSES OF STUDY The UDCT offers the following courses of study under the jurisdiction of the University of Mumbai. Undergraduate Courses (Faculty of ... www.indiaeducation.ernet.in/insitut…

All the post graduate courses at the UICT are FULL TIME courses. ... M.Pharm.Sc./M.E. (Plastics). There are 64 UGC fellowships for open and 14 fellowships ... www.udct.org/info/psi_ah.html…

Post Graduate Degree Courses. 1. M. Chem. Engg. 2. M. Tech. 3. M. Pharm. ... Pay Order/DD drawn in favour of 'The Director, U.I.C.T.', payable at Mumbai. ... www.udct.org/info/admission-08.html…

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