The age of knowledge trading has arrived...
And the AnswerPod™ is your knowledge trading device.

Why give away valuable knowledge for free when there are people willing to pay for what you know?

Can I see it in action?

You bet! There are currently 116621 AnswerPods on the Internet.

Some Recent AnswerPods
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Why else should I use it?

You can use the AnswerPod™ just like a blog page (publish articles, etc), or you can embed the query/chat form directly in your existing webpage or blog. (For help on how to do this, contact our support team).
Allows you to save "stock responses" so you don't have to re-type the same answer to different users.
Increases your visibility on major search systems such as Yahoo! and Google by creating an information "answer-base."
Prevents spam by protecting your email ID.
Gives you option to charge money for your answers, or per minute for chat sessions, or you can earn US$ through advertisements.
For popular blogs/websites, gives you access to thousands of quality-vetted experts to answer questions on your behalf (how does that work?).
Great bonus features such as live chat with per minute pricing option, Document Attachments, Newsletters, and the ability to trade knowledge through the Ask Agent™ network (and even earn US$).

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